Clinic websites support all patients

Moneo is your site advisor and hosting service for your medical corporation or clinic. We provide a series of options for hosting your Internet presence and delivering timely, concise and useful information to your clients.

By Doctors For Doctors

Our company was created by doctors, is governed by doctors and is meant to serve only doctors and their patients. We do not conduct any other kind of Internet business because our purpose as an organization is to increase access to health care information by assisting medical practitioners in expanding their relationships with their patients and clients. To find out more about how this happens, take a few minutes to view our demonstration and see what a Moneo site can do for you.

Clinic Websites Meet Online Patient Care Needs

Patient care has progressed. In addition to the vital information you provide to them during appointments in your office, patients are going online to get answers to their medical questions. The Journal of the American Medical Association stated that, "Access to Medical Information via the Internet has the potential to speed the transformation of the patient-physician relationship from that of physician authority ministering advice and treatment to that of shared decision making."

Wouldn’t it be better for your patients if they got their online medical information from you -- the doctor that they know and trust? Increase your online patient experience with a clinic website from Moneo Medical Informatics. Traditionally the medical community has considered websites an expensive, time-consuming advertising method. While they can be a valuable tool in bringing in informing patients and brining new business to your clinic, they can be so much more than that. Clinic websites are a tool to provide better patient care to existing patients. See how a Moneo clinic website will work for your doctor’s office by playing the video below. Please note, if the content is blocked by your browser, please right-click on the bar at the top of your page and select "allow blocked content".

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